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I find myself coming back to Inbal with the Czech Philharmonic, Gielen with Berlin, and Kubelik with the New York Phil. These are all different, especially the Kubelik, but these 3 recordings keep finding their way into my rotation. Zinman with Tonhalle is another I really enjoy, too.

The 7th has always been one of my very favorites. Bernstein with NY Phil on DG was my second Mahler recording. I remember getting the double disc box in the mail from Columbia House, I was 16 at the time. That afternoon I had to drive about an hour and fifteen to a trumpet lesson, so I listened while on my way. When the finale played, I was so floored with it, I missed a four way stop and got into a low speed collision. For years I wouldn't listen to Mahler while I was driving, because I was worried I'd get too distracted.
Matthew, I agree that Bernstein's first N.Y. Phil. one is still quite good. I'm keeping the Adam Fischer M7, so I'm not so interested in this Ivan one. So far, I've really been enjoying the Adam Fischer series and am looking forward to the 8th, which will be coming out in fall.
This is "Recording of the Month" in the April edition of Gramophone and it gets quite a rave review from Edward Seckerson. This strikes me as a bit odd, as Seckerson is a big Bernstein fan and in some ways this new Fischer recording is about as "un-Bernstein" as you can get.

I agree with Vehemence that Fischer's quicker tempos work better, such as in the Finale. I find the first movement pretty bland and lacking in "grit", especially at the opening (the tempo relationships feel completely wrong to me...). The recording quality is fine but somehow too soft-edged, as with the other Fischer releases I've heard. I was recently listening to Bernstein's earlier NYPO recording again, and I think it has far more character than this. Just my two-penny worth...
I see your point. I have two perfectly good DVD's of M2 myself (Boulez, Chailly). I am curious about the combination of Nelsons and the VPO. I saw him do two concerts with the VPO in Berkeley and they were terrific. Then again, the VPO could stick Clint Eastwood's empty chair up there, and they'd still sound spectacular.
Yeah, but it's a modern 'horror show' of a piece - not really my cup of tea. If it were Jenni' Higdon, I'd be more interested.
I don't mind the 'horror show' if it's something for trumpet. I like to see how far the instrument can be pushed. As for the M2, I need another one like I need a hole in the head.
Yeah, but it's a modern 'horror show' of a piece - not really my cup of tea. If it were Jenni' Higdon, I'd be more interested.
I might be more interested in the trumpet concerto. Hakan Hardenburger is amazing.
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / I really like the H. Haenchen M8
« Last post by barryguerrero on April 01, 2019, 12:01:45 AM »
I got the H. Haenchen M1/M8 set on ICA from Amazon. I like the 8th a lot. Interpretation wise, it's the polar opposite of Solti - more akin to Wyn Morris or Horenstein. it's expansive, but there's close scrutiny of phrasing and lots of adherence to the dynamics on page. Haenchen never permits Mahler 8 to become a hysteria festival for loud singers and brass. Balances seem to be almost always near ideal. The soloists seem a bit farther back than usual (perhaps placed behind the orchestra?). They're not great, but they're passable. One thing I really like, is that the proportion of children choristers to adult choristers seems much higher than usual. I really, really like that. Remember, Mahler had well over 300 children at the Munich premiere. Another thing I like: Haenchen has just the tam-tam at the end the symphony, no cymbals. That way the tam-tam doesn't get covered over by the cymbals, as is so often the case on recordings.  The sound quality on the discs is nothing to write home about, in terms of being 'demostration quality'. But it's still more than adequate.
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: R.I.P Michael Gielen
« Last post by barryguerrero on March 31, 2019, 11:50:23 PM »
Thumbs up!
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