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Andrew Litton took (Carpenter ed.),

26'23", 13'10", 4'13", 14'19", 20'50" and it worked great.

I really like the long Adagio- (relatively) short Finale proportion.


Like I said, I'd be interested in Harding M1, Nelsons M2, YNS M4, and Haitink M9. I will pass up the rest.

I should correct myself: I haven't heard this particular Harding M1, but he conducted the symphony with the RCO around the same time. THAT one was good-not-great (to me).

I went back and skimmed through the rest of the performances available on their Digital Concert Hall. I do really like all of them. This is probably just going to be a very well-rounded set, like their Bruckner one, with no particularly weak links.
Listening to the Dudamel M5 right now. Very good, not the best. At this price, I think this is a wonderful set, a great addiction to my (already very nice ;)) Mahler-discothèque.

.    .    .  25:30 in his Rotterdam Phil. one, which I think is much better than his Montreal one. But like you, Erik, I prefer that all those long worked-out development passages just flow right along. 23:16 works great for me too. Most likely I won't buy the Vanska, simply because I just don't need yet another really good recording of the Cooke version.
Maybe it’s just me, but the first movement of M10 feels like it just drags on and on. I like what Dausgaard does with it in 23:16

I’m not ruling anything out though. In fact, I even like what Yannick N-S does with it in 26:27 for his Montréal recording.
Olson and Litton both took over 26 min. in I. and very successfully held it together. I think the movement can survive 26 min duration (Wyn Morris' version runs over 28 min!).

In Japan it will be released on 1/20.
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