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Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Burning a 'dream' M6 - input wanted.
« Last post by barryguerrero on November 28, 2018, 12:33:07 AM »
Oh yes, I know that. Otherwise, the movement would be too fast for my taste. I understand your frustration. I'm burning onto a single, 80 minute CD-R, so I need to compromise somewhere.
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Burning a 'dream' M6 - input wanted.
« Last post by Russ Smiley on November 27, 2018, 07:13:51 PM »
That MacKerras M6 on the BBC Music comes in around 18 because the first repeat is omitted. Sometimes I get really annoyed by the lack of the repeat though there is much I love about the performance (personal preference for A/S, the Scherzo is exciting, and I three hammer blows).
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Burning a 'dream' M6 - input wanted.
« Last post by barryguerrero on November 26, 2018, 06:32:32 PM »
Change of plans. Barbirolli is over 21 minutes in the first movement, but MacKerras is just over 18. That'll get me under the 80 minute mark. I really like the last 10 minutes of S. Young's finale, so I'm going with her for movement IV (listened to it again on Spotify [which makes it quick for spot checking]). 
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Burning a 'dream' M6 - input wanted.
« Last post by barryguerrero on November 26, 2018, 02:23:36 PM »
I'm planning on burning a single disc, 'dream' Mahler 6. Because I want it on a single disc with time to spare, I'm planning on using Barbirolli for the first movement (slow tempo with no expo. repeat). For the two inner movements, I want to use Vanska/Minnesota (BIS), but in scherzo/andante order. I like the exquisite detail of that recording for those two (Vanska's 'alpine' passage in the slow movement is to die for!). For the finale, I'm thinking Boulez/Vienna Phil.

I know that Boulez/VPO doesn't have a strong hammer stroke (the second one is reinforced with cymbals and tam-tam), but I don't want a real loud hammer stroke. We all KNOW what a loud hammer stroke sounds like! In contrast to that, I'm also thinking of using Zinman/Baltimore S.O., where Zinman employed some kind of electronic explosion for the two hammer strokes. It's very cool and absurd. Anyway, I'm more concerned about the 'false victory parade' passage, just before the funereal dirge procession in the low brass. I don't want any 33 or 34 minute finales, so that eliminates a good number of them. I like it from 29 to 31 minutes.  I'm also thinking of Simone Young/Hamburg, who uses a few more bars of Mahler's first version after the third hammer stroke. That's a very cool effect as well.

I welcome your input. Remember, I want this to be well less than 80 minutes (single disc). I don't like fast first movements, or slow finales.
While there's a lot of visceral impact, I also feel it's lacking a bit in good balances and exposed detail. I'm going to wait and see what an eventual Adam Fischer/Dusseldorf M6 sounds like. So far, I'm really liking that cycle - enough so that it has me listening to M1 and M5 more than I normally do. However, I will give Currentzis this much: his is the best M6 to come out of Russia since the Thomas Sanderling/St. Petersburg Phil. one. Currentzis is certainly the antithesis to Vanska/Minnesota (BIS).
This is a damn fine Mahler 6. It's quite in your face, emphatic, violent and really percussive. It's also very classical in Currentzis' hands; he really brings out all of the fugue and counterpoint. It's all very clean and precise, but played with such conviction that it all sounds very raw and real. What really struck me was the sense of drama, story and intensity. Currentzis conducts a lot of opera, and I think his sense of musical story telling really comes through.

Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Walter 1948 NY M2
« Last post by Ovation on November 13, 2018, 08:30:31 PM »
We are looking for information on what you are talking about. Thank you for the good information.
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Vanska/MO/BIS Mahler 2nd SACD
« Last post by barryguerrero on November 12, 2018, 08:24:21 PM »
oohhhhhhh, nice tam-tam smash at the hohepunkt (climax).
Thanks again. It looked fun.
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