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Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Vanska/MO/BIS Mahler 2nd SACD
« Last post by Vehemence on January 17, 2019, 04:10:46 PM »
Listened to a bit of this just now. On my system the bells sounded good, but maybe a bit unatural. The tams sounded very....crispy to my ears. I feel like the engineers made a point to bring this moment out. The organ was well balanced, and the choirs are really forward. I really liked Manny Laureano's trumpet playing, especially his sound on the Monette. 
Very nice! Will definitely get them both.

That's a pretty steep price, as I expected.  If you happen to get this set, let us know if there's any improvement in the areas you mentioned.

Thanks, Wade

I'm certain that Tower Japan has it, although I usually order from or,jp.  The price in USD will be about $207 to $225.
Of course, there will be shipping charges, in addition.  If that is a worry, then CDJapan has low cost shipping available.


Do you know if this set is available from Tower Records Japan, Amazon, or where?  And what is the price in Japanese yen, or U.S. Dollars?

Thanks, Wade
I own most of the SACD hybrid issues from 2007.   They are generally excellent, but as far as I am concerned, there is some room for improvement.  What bothers me about these 2007 hybrid issues is that following the conclusions of several movements, the recording ambiance is too abruptly cut-off to digital black.  These abrupt fade-outs are especially pronounced following the codas of the first movement and finale of the Third Symphony, and again after the finale of Seventh Symphony.   So, I am wondering if the new boxed-set of single layer SACDs from Sony Japan corrects what I believe to be the blemishes found on the 2007 hybrid discs, or else may in some other way offer an audible improvement over the older SACDs.  I listen only in two-channel stereo, so the absence of a multi-channel layer on the new discs is not a problem for me.

Is anyone in a position to offer a report?
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Gielen Edition, vol. 6 (Mahler)
« Last post by barryguerrero on January 15, 2019, 04:01:16 PM »
While perhaps none of his recordings would get top billing if a consensus were taken, Gielen's Mahler is one of those instances where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I don't own it because I have too much Mahler as it is. But I could very safely recommend it to anyone who wants just one comprehensive box.
Gustav Mahler and Related Discussions / Re: Gielen Edition, vol. 6 (Mahler)
« Last post by waderice on January 14, 2019, 04:59:10 PM »
Resurrecting a thread that is almost a year and a half old......

I bought this box set a month or so ago, on recommendation over at the Facebook Mahler Group.  It gives a perspective on a Mahler conductor of which unfortunately, very few people here in the U.S. have familiarity with, that of Michael Gielen.  Born in Germany, his family moved to Argentina where he got his training for his later musical career back in Germany.  Gielen seems to have a decent command of the Mahler oeuvre in general, though he is no Abbado or Haitink.  The set has virtually everything Mahler, except for a Das Klagende Lied.

From what I've listened to in this set so far, there isn't anything really exceptional to write home about, though it was well-recorded over a period of years.  The one thing that stands out for me, is despite a louder-than-usual choral entry in the Second Symphony, the EuropaChorAkademie has committed to disk, probably the most in-tune performance of any chorus I've ever heard sing this work!  So many choruses have trouble avoiding wobbly singing in M2.  Worthwhile going back to this set for a re-listen of the chorus in this recording!

If anything else comes up worth mentioning in the future about this set, I'll bring it up.

Here is a video with some nice excerpts from the Mahler 7 recording session:

This 7th has been put off for 3 years or more, I think. They recorded it before the 5th. It's been in the can for quite some time.
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