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I heard they canceled M3rd concert in March(?). But the M9th concert in July is still effective.

How do you know M9 will be the next release? What about 3? I’m sure 8 will be last.

Any chance they recorded anything during the pandemic?
Mine came w/o the autograph too. I guess posting on FaceBook did the trick for them. I still want to support the project. M9 will be next, someday.
I just received my copy of this disc in the mail. No autograph. Just the discs in their cardboard sleeves. Curious to know if I missed the 250 person cut off, which honestly, I would find hard to believe. Or, if anyone else has gotten one with an autograph?
Frankly, I think the British make too big of a deal out of how bad the Barbican's acoustics are. Their orchestras tend to be thin in the lower strings, regardless of where they play. Their woodwinds are far from being the best as well. It's obvious to me that their cellos and double basses use light weight bows. You never see their double basses use German style bows, ever. As a result, their orchestras tend to sound all middle and top range, with insufficient lower midrange and bass. Their tuba players, on the other hand, are often times quite good. They like the tuba. When John Fletcher was still in the L.S.O. and was using his big Holton 345 (copy of the Chicago York, more or less), the orchestra sounded all middle and high end, with John Fletcher on the bottom. The double basses never kept up with him. Compare that to most German orchestras, where the concept is just the opposite - the tuba generally blends in with the double basses. The Bavarian Radio Symphony is an excellent 'case in point'.
I find the finale of Gielen's M7 too poopy for my taste - a tad slow and a bit dour. I have a 'pirate' of another one he did, where the finale is a full minute shorter. His Berlin Phil. one (Testament, I think) is also quicker in the finale. His M10 is very good, but I find the first scherzo just so four-square. It's a tiny bit slow and choppy for my taste. Then again, that entire movement needs to be edited, a bit, and completely re-orchestrated.
Yeah admittedly the SWR sound fits some symphonies better than others.
That said I really like Gielen's M7th & M10th. They are top notch in all aspects. AND the orchestra sounds just right.

I see what y'all are saying, but Gielen's Mahler remains some of my favorite, particularly his M1 and M5. I really think he's spot on with tempos and phrasing, and he sees Mahler as a modernist and a rebel, like most people in his day did as well.

Thanks for the heads up!

I've always thought the SWR is somewhat lacking in 'the Mahler tone', a bit too abrasive in their phrasing. I thought they're better fit to play modern music, e.g., the Second Viennese. I wonder where DH's enthusiasm about Gielen's cycle comes from.

But I will give this DKL a listen.

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