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For anyone interested, I am making this a "sticky topic".  These are some of the web resources related to Mahler and/or classical music in general that I've found useful.  If you have any others that you've found, please post the link in this thread.  I will incorporate the other links in this first post when I am able. 


Mahler-List @

Mahler Overview at Andante:

Mahler Discography by Vincent Mouret:

Mahler Archives:

Yahoo! Groups - Mahler:

Mahler Symphony Recording Survey by Tony Duggan:


Mostly Late Romantic Concert Broadcast Page:


Classics Today:

Classical CD Review:

Classical Net:

All Music Guide:

Good-Music-Guide Discussion Forum:

Music Lane at Audio Asylum:

MusicWeb International:

Brilliant. Congrats,Sperlsco.



The world's largest review reference database for classical music on CD and DVD:

Mahler discography
(not 100% reliable)

Complete Stereophonic Discography on Wiener Philharmoniker
(link to page with Mahler)

Jascha Horenstein Discography
(short version)

Claudio Abbado Shiryokan

Klaus Tennstedt

Rafael Kubelik
(does not contain all performances)


Hi, I would like to add that the web radio site has a lot of great Mahler recordings available for full-length listening for free, even on-demand if you live in the US, UK or DE and/or as a stream in several radio stations. You could start on Mahler's artist profile which has a "similar artists" radio button, try out the Gustav Mahler group member radio or listen to special tag radios which the users have created, e.g. Das Lied von der Erde or Kindertotenlieder. Finding available albums with Mahler performances works best if you use the album search and pick those with a play button which indicates playable tracks on that album.


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