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Inbal and the Toyko Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Mahler cycle


Hey Friends,
    I've recently finished listening to almost all of the Inbal/TMSO cycle, and I'm pretty impressed. Yes, tempos are swift...but they don't FEEL too swift. The playing from the orchestra is impressive, too. The only caveat is Inbal's singing puts Glenn Gould's antics, (which never really bothered me), to shame. The cds are very expensive, but I've found them reasonably on Google Play's music section.

I'm pleased I took a chance on this cycle, and I enjoyed reading everyone's reviews as I delved back into the board's archives. 

You get a "like".

If you like these recordings, you should also check out what he has recorded with the Czech Philharmonic on Exton. The 7th is outstanding, one of my 3 or 4 favorites on disc. His 5th is also right up there with the best.  I do wish he had recorded a 3rd with the Czechs, I think it would have been really impressive.

The singing is very annoying, it's worse on the Tokyo recordings than their Czech counterparts. 

I had the Czech 7th, and I recently downloaded the 5th. Unfortunately, I had to sell almost my entire cd collection. So I used some reward points to redeem towards a download of the 7th. I'll use my library access to simply request and Inter-Library Loan as much as I can from my past collection.

It sucks, because my music collection spanned almost 3 decades of collecting. But it had to be done. Now, to get a decent collection back again. (At least there's always steaming, too.)

Sorry to hear that. Yes, keep streaming. I've got decent speakers hooked up to my computer.


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