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Ivan Fischer's new release is Mahler Seventh.

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John Kim:

I guess C.C. delayed it for the sake of his brother's M7 release. I truly like Adam Fischer's cycle, thus far.

Here is a video with some nice excerpts from the Mahler 7 recording session:

This 7th has been put off for 3 years or more, I think. They recorded it before the 5th. It's been in the can for quite some time.

The excerpt sounds fast and average to me. When we did it in Redwood Symphony, every available percussionist who wasn't already covering something, shaked a strap of cowbells. One percussionist was even waving a rather large one. I also think big bells, cut acetylene tanks or bell plates should be used in the finale, in lieu of narrow chimes (holy doorbells). They don't use them because they're visually distracting, but acetylene tanks cut to pitch actually make terrific portable bells. Mahler wanted bells (tiefe glocken), not door bells.

This recording is available today on the Channel Classics website. It appear everywhere else at the end of March.


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