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Bamberg begins a second complete Mahler cycle, with Hrusa.

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Jakub Hrusa.

John Kim:

That's great news. I was immensely impressed with Hrusa's BRSO recording of Suk Asrael.


This would be great. It has the same cover art style as the Blomstedt M9, so maybe it’s just a continuation of this cycle with different conductors? I hope we get more with Hrusa. I like his Brahms/Dvořák series a lot.

You're right - I may be jumping the gun on that. Have you tried any of the Libor Pesek Mahler?    .     .   .   I'm not sure just how available it really is.

Presto samples and timings available for this one now.

Wow, a QUICK second movement (8:27). Did Hruša forget the meaning of ohne Hast?

Anna Lucia Richter’s voice sounds splendid to me.


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