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.    .     .    which means that it will probably sit vacant for quite a bit longer, possibly falling into an even deep state of disrepair. Such a pity. It's probably going to be a good while before the CSO can record anything large again. They'll also need to solve their Music Director situation at some point, as Muti just isn't the answer. He's becoming more irascible by the moment, and he might even get himself banned from La Scala. 
S4 really is a great work, despite its length and structural weaknesses. Chung/Philadelphia on DG, which I recently acquired, is quite good as an "objective" approach. Previn/CSO, which didn't impress me on previous hearings, is outstanding.

Whenever I hear S12, I have the same reaction: I don't need to hear this again for a long time. It seems many listeners put S11 in the same category, but in recent years its star seems to have risen, including with me. I like Bychkov/BPO, one of few BPO recordings where the tamtam sounds really respectable.

Speaking of Previn/CSO, his S4 and S5 were recorded at Medinah Temple; many CSO recordings were made there because the record companies found Orchestra Hall unsatisfactory after the 1967 remodel. The CSO recorded there over the course of three decades, until the mid-'90s. As it happens, I just finished a contract job that had me walking by the building frequently on my way to work. It is incredibly beautiful. It had fallen into disrepair, but was extensively remodeled and served as the site of a Bloomingdale's Home store until last year. Now, it is a "flagship retail opportunity."
Yes, I had forgotten that fact at the time I wrote that. I had that two-disc set! I chose to keep the Yannhick Nezet-Seguin one instead, which comes in a box of a bunch of recordings he made in Rotterdam. It's a very good box! N-S.'s radio broadcast of S4 with Philadelphia is absolutely out of this world.

I'm not that crazy about S11, but do like it more than S12 - S14.
Barry, please note that S4 and S11 were released as a two-disc set. I borrowed a copy from the library.

A 15th with the BSO could be really good. I don't really care about S12, 13 or  14 (13 is OK). I know I should, but I just don't. I think the 15th was a huge breakthrough. I certainly don't care about either S2 or S3 either. It's funny they haven't addressed S4 yet. It's so typical of DG these days to just give up.
The Philadelphia Orchestra had its first full concert last night in over a year, at its outdoor venue, the Mann Center.  Even then, attendees were socially distanced in their seating and were wearing masks, of course it not being a full house.  Symphony concerts will probably be treated similar to sports events for the time being, indoor and out.
Thanks. I think I'll go ahead and order a copy. It's not like to show up at Spotify or Youtube.

Well, sure. If we move into a successful post-pandemic world, they might want to do both 3 and 8 first. They'll need to wait until they can sell tickets to a full house again. If the world doesn't screw up in the mean-time, it'll happen.
I bet the concert has been delayed indefinitely.
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