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It's an excellent account, that was also included in one of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's self-produced megasets of radio material. Stokowski takes passages of the first movement at a quicker pace, making it tie into the fierceness of the second movement. Now that I've heard it that way, it feels like that's the only way it should go. This release will make it more widely available, and that's a great thing.
The timings are great to my taste, except that the Allegretto movement (#3) might be a tad swift for me.
Keep in mind, for the frugally minded like myself: Amazon has the Berlin recordings from the set for a mere 99 cents a track, regardless of the size of the movement. Just don't fall into the trap of paying extra for the digital booklet.
I listened to Darlington's M6 on Spotify and liked it very much.
I agree, Barry, it's very rhythmically incisive. It kind of reminds of the two Darlington Mahler recordings with Duisburg, he is very clean and definite with his rhythms in his traversal of the 5th and 6th.

The scherzo sounds quite a bit like Zinman, to my ears.
Yep! - and the timpani flourish is played really well also   .    .    .   almost as good as Vic Firth (Boston). In the 3rd movement excerpt, they really bring out those sudden descending glissandi in the woodwinds, making that intro really spooky. Also, in the first movement, listen to how clearly they distinguish between the 32nd notes and the 16th notes. They get those right.
So far each release has its own page if you do a search for it. Here’s the Haitink BPO M9 only available as a digital download:

The M7 and M6 are on there too.
You mean specifically CD right? You can purchase the recordings digitally on Presto right now.
BPO confirmed that they will NOT have the individual recordings for sale separately.

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