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Yes, sometimes Mahler was just flat out wrong on his own music - most of the time, no. The same holds true for Bruckner   .    .    .   maybe even more so.
Agreed. It seems the Petrenko M6 is the only "weak link" they mentioned, though it doesn't even seem that weak. I like my M6's to be zippier, less exaggerated, and less apocalyptic. Otherwise it's a bit too kitsch for my taste.
I'm glad to see that the Dudamel M3 has been getting some good press. I may very well purchase the download of the entire set. Good stuff.
I don't see a listing of what the projected cast was supposed to be. In addition to just dealing with Covid, many vocalists find it very difficult to travel at this time.
A lengthy but informative review of the cycle:

The Sixth with K. Petrenko is the next release, by the way. The first movement ‘preview track’ is on Spotify. I think the first movement alone sounds fabulous.
I didn't know that Pittsburgh Symphony cancelled the Mahler Eighth concert that was slated to happen in February, 2021.
I bet Reference Recording was planning to record it live.

What a missed opportunity!
I'm not sure I would want to get a whole box of Jansons Mahler, especially since I have some of those already in the BRSO's Mahler box with various conductors. I got that box mostly because of my favoritism to the Colin Davis M8. For me to want do that, the M6 and M8 from Jansons would have to be really special. Anyway, this all appears to be in the distant future.

I am glad you like Jansons/BRSO M9th!! I think the recording is really special. It's not an earthshaking performance but beautifully proportioned, phrased, and played. And it has the BRSO stamp all over it, I mean the fully saturated, smooth, and rich sonority of the orchestra.

I also like his BRSO M5th which I think is superior to his RCO version. In fact, he delivered a phenomenal M5th back in the 90s with PSO and much of the energy, fire, and insights of that concert are carried over to the Munich performance.

I've heard Jansons/BRSO M6th and really liked it too. Energetic, propulsive, very refined with many details.

This is great news. I’m not big on Jansons’ Mahler either, but he has some random hits like his LSO M6, the BRSO M1, and all three of his M7s. I also like his M9 with the BRSO. Everything else is a dud to my ears.

I thought the RCO M3 was just a bit above average, and if this BRSO one is truly better then I think we are in for a treat.

And the Haitink M3 with the BRSO was very good, if only the first movement wasn’t sooo steadily paced. Reminds me of Boulez’s a bit, but Boulez has a quicker ‘base’ tempo.
Judging from how much the sonics of Jansons/BRSO M2nd got improved thanks to their remastering, my fingers are crossed. Ditto Haitink/BRSO M3rd and M9th which are now included in the Haitink Portrait set. They sound miles, miles better than they did before.

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