Author Topic: Gustavo Gimeno M4 w/ Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Miah Persson  (Read 62 times)

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I haven’t found any discussion of this recording on the forum yet. I overlooked this in a sea of releases in 2018 and finally got around to it. My initial thoughts:

It might be a sleeper hit. I gave it a listen and was so impressed I listened through again. This is one of the finest modern Fourths I’ve heard on all accounts: conducting (so much nuance!), performance (bravo!!), and sound quality (that luscious sound!!!). Miah Persson even out-sings herself from the highly acclaimed Iván Fischer recording.

Gustavo Gimeno with the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg: WOW. Sometimes it’s the relatively unknown folks out of left field who surprise you the most with Mahler’s music. I’m curious about what others on here think of this gem.

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I've been wondering about this recording, Erik, as I very much liked the brief samples I've heard. What do think of Colin Mathew's enlargement of the piano quartet movement?

If I hadn't bought both the Adam Fischer and Gatti/Concertgebouw M4 recordings, I would have gone for the Gimeno one instead. However, it is on Spotify, so I'll listen to it there.