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Gielen's Das klagende Lied: a completed legacy

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The late Michael Gielen will become the first conductor in history to have recorded every single work by Mahler for orchestra (and orchestra + voice). This includes every symphony and a completed Tenth, every song cycle, and now Das klagende Lied.

A recording of Das klagende Lied is due out next month from Orfeo, a live recording with the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. It's not a part of his SWR cycle, but nevertheless this is the final work needed to culminate in an extraordinary historical first. It will also be the three-part mixed version.

While Gielen isn't/wasn't always my favorite by any means, his dedication and contribution to Mahler will never be questioned.

I’m a big fan of Gielen’s M1, M3, and M5. I find almost all the others to be mostly very good too. I’m just not big on his M4, but it’s still alright.

Looking forward to getting Gielen's DkL.

While the choir in his M2 is small in numbers, it has some of the best singing of the choral part I've ever heard.  Very smooth, not harsh, and no shouting.


Gielen is one of my favorite conductors, period. I will be picking this up on release. For some reason, I really enjoy his 6th. It's quite slow, and treads quite heavy, but it's so damn apocolyptic. Somewhat similar to Chailly/RCO, but with less polish; for the better, I think.


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