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Profil has issued an 11 cd box set of 'historic' recordings made by Hans Swarowksy (various different orchestras). For my money, this M3 is much better than the early recordings made by F. Charles Adler, Hermann Scherchen, Carl Schuricht or Dmitri Mitropolous (Dmitri's Cologne one is much better than his heavily cut N.Y. one). If you're not familiar with Swarowsky, he went on to become THE BIG conducting teacher in Vienna. Both Claudio Abbado and Zubin Mehta studied with him (among many others). It's little wonder that both Abbado and Mehta were consistently good with M3. If you want to hear something really outrageous, continue after M3 and listen to Swarowsky's take on Schoenberg's "Kol Nidre". Wow!

At the very end of the set, this has THE BEST "Kaiser Walzer" I've ever heard - better than Willi Boskovsky or Carlos Kleiber, or anybody. Also, note that Swarowsky doesn't take all those stupid repeats in the scherzo and finale of Schubert's "Great" C-major Symphony. To my mind, it's little wonder they set this guy up to be the king-pin conducting teacher in Wien. Also, be sure to check out the "Ritter Pasman" Czardas. It takes a while until it gets to the fast part, but you'll hardly believe it's Johann Strauss II. This whole set is soooo good, that I think I'm going to splurge by myself buying one.
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