Author Topic: FWM/VPO Mahler 8th 2019  (Read 169 times)

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FWM/VPO Mahler 8th 2019
« on: December 30, 2022, 02:40:48 AM »

It is a magnificent performance, exceptionally well played, sung, and recorded with a massively grandiose ending (the pure orchestral tutti part)^ I REALLY like it that Welser Most takes endings of the both Parts slowly, a slower than usual. Let's hope VPO will release the tape officially.
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Re: FWM/VPO Mahler 8th 2019
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OK, so now the whole performance is back on Youtube. For a good while there, you could only see the last couple of minutes. However, I do think the sound is less compressed on that shorter excerpt. The whole thing WAS on Youtube before, then taken off when the performance could only be viewed at the Takt 1 website (I assume they own/owned the rights). Now you can longer view it at Takt 1, which makes me think they either gave up ownership of it, or that a contract with Takt 1 had expired. Regardless, I also wish somebody would issue this on an SACD/BluRay disc.

This is from Vienna's Konzerthaus, which is quite a bit bigger than the Musikverein. Bernstein's awesome 1975 M8 that's on DVD was performed there also (but not the constricted sounding one from Salzburg, which is in DG's Bernstein/Mahler CD box sets). More recently, the Bertrand DeBilly/ORF S.O. (Vienna's radio orchestra) recording of M8 is also from the Konzerhaus. That one has a superb cast of soloists. However, Oehms Classics took it from an ORF (Austrian Radio) broadcast tape. Sadly the peak climaxes are rather compressed. Otherwise, it would be VERY competitive with the best. In years previous, it might have come out on Orfeo instead.
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