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**FIXED** (hopefully) HACKED SEARCH FUNCTION - 4/13

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Some of you have noticed that the search function has been hacked, with search results linking to an online casino site.  I plan to attempt to fix this problem on April 12.  Since I am not an expert at this, it is possible that I will screw everything up and the Board will be down for some undetermined amount of time.  If that happens, I will get some outside help to fix this -- but it may take several days or so.  I have everything backed up, though, so nothing will be lost. 


James Meckley:

Thanks for working on this problem, and thanks for everything else you do behind the scenes to keep the Mahler Board up and running. I along with many others here consider it a wonderful resource, and we appreciate your time and effort very much.


Thanks, Scott,

Many of us have met friends here that we value very much.
The Board gives us access to the combined intelligence of many rather brilliant individuals and friends who love Mahler.
Is there any way we could make financial contributions to the support of the Board?
We just want an opportunity to show our thanks for access to others who love Mahler as we do.


Thanks to the help of Herb Randall, I seem to have fixed the search function  (i.e. no more being redirected to an on-line casino site). 

As part of my problem solving, I upgraded the forum to its Version 2.  Previously I did regular maintenance updates to Version 1 when prompted.  There appear to be some lingering formatting incompatibilties after doing the full upgrade (you'll notice some buttons and drop-down boxes are missing labels, etc.).  I will strive to fix these in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for your patience and kind words! 

Update:  I chose a different Theme for the forum which appears to have fixed the formatting problems.  As an FYI, a Theme is a pre-designed overall layout and look for the forum.   

Sturmisch Bewegt:
Look what happened with my username:

It was strangly metamorphosed into " Stürmisch Bewegt "!
I had to register again. but the dieresis was not accepted on the u!


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