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Another highlight: Hrusa slows down quite a bit in the interludes of the Scherzo (II.) evoking relaxed, romantic feelings, imparting a wonderful contrast in the moods that are predominantly wicked and spooky.

Soprano Anna Lucia Richter doesn't have the childlike timbre in her voice, but she skillfully sings without parody (as per Mahler's instruction). This is clearly a mature adult's vision of Heaven filtered with the child's mind and naivete.

Conductor Jakub Hrusa's first Mahler outing doesn't disappoint. This is a beautifully molded Mahler Fourth, gorgeously played and recorded.

I really like the way tam tam is pounded out 25 something times heading into the first climax of I. In most recordings and concerts I've heard they are all but audible. Hrusa takes a great care in making them not only audible but also gradually built up towards the climax. Very nice.

I look forward to more Mahler from Hrusa.

Well, this is confusing: I'm listening to this on Spotify right now, and the scherzo clocks in at 9:35, nowhere near the 8:27 listed on Presto. All of the other movements are correct, however.
This recording is now available for digital download on Presto. My guess is it will also be available to stream on Spotify, et al. at midnight Eastern (US).
True. If there’s one thing we know about Vänskä it’s that he finishes his cycles.
Yep. But I'm guessing Vanska and von Bahr will remain determined.
Damn. It's going to be a slow crawl to the finish with this cycle.
Soooo, it looks like the next release from Vanska/M.S.O. will probably be M9. If they perform it in June, it probably won't get released until next fall. It looks like M8 will be last, until vocalists are already booked.
I may belong to the minority group, but Gielen is not in general my cup of tea when it comes to Mahler. I LOVE his M7th and M6th & M10 too are high on my list, but it's the orchestra that is not to my liking. I think SWR is far more fitting to play modern music. For Mahler, I much prefer RCO, BRSO, CPO, and even BPO.

Agreed. That Sixth is spectacular and I forgot to mention it. I think the 6th does need some grit and dirtiness, which is also why I think Harding’s BRSO M6 works so well. Oh, and the famous Sanderling recording.
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