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I got this box for a very good price at E-Bay. It has two "Resurrection" symphonies: one from 1989, and one from 1981. I was at one of the 1981 performances at London's Royal Festival Hall. Needless to say, it'll be fun to revisit that. This has the 1983 M6, which boasts the most overtly expressionistic, frightening scherzo ever! For this type of performance, I like this one much more than Bernstein/V.P.O. (which ain't bad, by any means). Tennstedt doesn't drag the finale either - he gets it in under 31 minutes. This is just a juggernaut of an M6.
I’ve been listening to the Neumann/Czech cycle on Supraphon for the first time and the playing is so unique. The orchestral textures are so melodic. Reminds me of Kubelík.
They were still playing with vibrato at that time. I understand the whole section plays Engelbert Schmid triple horns now.
Well said.

I found the last movement on YouTube. So far, I like it. Those Czech horns are so different and beautiful.
How bad can it be, right?   .   .   .  You've got Christa Ludwig throughout, so you're in good hands in that regard. You also get her singing Schumann's pretty, if also slightly 'dull' song cycle. Still, I like Schumann enough that I would listen to that, at least once. This could be a good question for David Hurwitz.
Hey Friends,
    I was curious if anyone had heard this rendition Das Lied von der Erde on Praga, with Vaclav Neumann and the Czech Philharmonic. Another version with different singers is from the early 70s, and doesn't interest me as much, after a quick listen. However, my hope is the sound is better on this one. Your perspectives are appreciated. Thanks!

(I've already requested it through my library's Inter-Library Loan, so I look forward to reporting back.)
Just two more installments to go. I have no doubt that I’ll buy a box set if they make one.
The LAST thing I need is yet another Mahler 9. However, I'd like hearing this one so much on Spotify, that I've decide to vote with my dollars. I'll probably sell off the Harding M9 on Harmonia Mundi (which is also really good). I'm greatly looking forward to an M6 with A. Fischer/Dusseldorf.
Thanks for the clarification. I was low-key hoping it was the M2, but accidentally mis-labeled on the site. But alas.
Someday soon.
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