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Sbugala, spot-on with your description of the first movement. I had pretty much the exact same thoughts. The deep bells in Haitink's BRSO recording from 10 years ago sounded much better. I still think Chailly's Concertgebouw recording might have the best sounding deep bells of anyone.

Seems like I just need to get used to the slower tempo of the third movement. I think the second movement and finale are particularly excellent.
I have a free month of Quboz, so I was able to listen to the high res download. I think it's superb, overall. The climax in the 1st movement has plenty of impact...but might not be spotlighted enough for us fiends who love an almost nuclear impact with the tam tam and low brass. However, it's probably more the way it should sound in concert; and I was fine with it. I was more disappointed by the nearly inaudible bells (plates?). It's like Haitink imported the ones the Concertgebouw Orchestra used. Otherwise, tempos didn't bother me. I liked prominent tympani, too.

And I liked it enough upon initial listening to snag it on Amazon for $1 a track. The hi res version on Quboz is nice, but getting it for a reasonable price is good, too.
Like every conductor, Dudamel has had hits and misses. Like his LA Phil M1.
But when he hits, he hits hard:

His Symphony of a Thousand on video
His Venezuela M7
His NYPO M5 (bootleg)

Some of the best out there.
I keep telling people that Dudamel's Mahler is better than they think it is. I really don't care any more - Mahler's place is very secure in the world of musical history. People can run around parroting each other all they want.
I hope either of the Dudamel recordings are next. If they're anything like what I've been reading about elsewhere, those should be the highlights of the set.

Svetlanov took just over 10 min. for III. in his recording with het Residentie Orkest.

While I'm not a huge fan of Bernstein's Concertgebouw recording of M9 (DG), that Rondo-Burlesque is also amazing. The fastest I know is with Svetlanov.
I do like Chailly's and Gielen's relatively slow accounts of the Rondo-Burleske. I feel that if it's going to be a bit slower, it should also be heavier. That said, I still prefer it fast like Nott takes it (amazing!).

I know what you mean, but I didn't feel it that way slightest bit. Klemperer too took III. just as long (longer?) as Haitink did he too did it very well.

John, I’ll let you be the ultimate judge of how good any Mahler 9 is.
I listened to snippets of this new Haitink M9 and it sounds mostly very good, but I don’t think I like the third movement. It’s sooooo slow and it sounds like the Berliners are falling asleep.
They aren’t, of course, because the following finale is wonderful. Maybe I just need to listen to it more.
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