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Petrenko's 6th, Rattle's 7th are also available.
I. 31'06"
II. 17'22"
III. 15'22"
IV. 25'49"

Grand, noble, elegiac, this is Haitink at his finest. 
I think more than just fond. According to the Volkov book, Shostakovich, at a young age, had pretty much memorized all of Mahler's output. Clearly the 4th symphony is as much an homage to Mahler, as it is Shosty's first "tombstone for the Russian people" (Volkov, again).
That's a fascinating connection, and I wonder if it was intentional. I know Shosty was fond of Mahler's music.
Sorry, I meant "KTL" - the end of "Im diesem Wetter". My bad, and I'll fix my post.
Wait, Das Lied or Kindertotenlieder? I just listened through all of Mahler’s celesta parts to find it.

I do like the first movement of S7 a LOT. Reminds me of Bolero on steroids.

Also the timpani solo at the end of S10 is incredible; DSCH motif! Favorite recordings? Mine is V. Petrenko for pretty much all of the symphonies, but 10 especially.

At the very end of S7, the timpani - doubled with the bass drum - pound out the same lick that the celeste has at the end of "In diesem Wetter" (Kindertotenlieder).
Funnily enough, it's been hard for me to get into 7 due to it's length, but it's the duration of an average Mahler symphony. Maybe time just passes by quicker with Mahler.
I would add S7 and S10 to your list, in terms of my favorites. On a second tier would be 1,5,9, 11 and 13. On a third level would be 2,3,12 and 14.
That's interesting. Do you have any favorite Shosty symphonies? Mine are 4, 6, 8, and 15.

I got into Shostakovich BECAUSE of Mahler. While researching Mahler near the beginning of my exposure to his music, I stumbled upon DH's Mahler book and then his Shostakovich book, which then helped me really understand those works. I learn a work best by first understanding its structure, and Hurwitz does that really well in his listener guides.
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